Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces VIII


The island of Ischia lies off the southwest coast of the Italian mainland, about 30km from the city of Naples (see map). The conference will take part in the Hotel Tritone, north of Forio, on the western side of the island. Participants can travel to the north-eastern part of the island via boat from one of the harbours of Naples.

Interactive map of region

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Make sure to enable Javascript in your browser to see the interactive map, where several points of interest are marked. Click on the blue place markers for details, and zoom in on the "Sat" setting to see some ferry routes, etc.

Estimated times

Please note that travelling to Ischia will take several hours: keep this in mind if you plan to take the coach from Ischia port to the hotel. A rough estimation of times are as follows:

See below for detailed information regarding:

Travelling by Air:

International travellers should arrive at one of Rome's airports (Fiumicino or Ciampino) or at Naples airport (directly, or perhaps via a connecting flight through another Italian airport). We suggest that participants try to fly to Naples airport, if possible, rather than take a train from Rome, due to the amount of connections that are involved.

Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP)

At present Capodichino Airport is the city's only airport. but its services are fairly efficient and it offers a variety of flights. Information on destinations, times, costs and bookings can be found at the following links:

From Capodichino airport, it is possible to reach by taxi one of the two harbours of NAPLES in 30 minutes. See the notes below about taking a taxi in Naples. There is also a public bus service, which connects directly with the harbour of NAPLES MOLO BEVERELLO every 20 minutes. (Line name: ALIBUS. Tickets are sold on the bus. No reservation is needed. The bus stop is located outside the baggage claim area). The stop for Molo Beverello is at stazione Marittima in the Piazza Municipio. Alibus departures are every 20 minutes from 06:30 until 23:30 ((see schedule)). The Alibus ticket costs about 3 euro and is operated by A.N.M. bus company (www.anm.it). See also airport bus services.

Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

Fiumicino (also known as Leonardo da Vinci) is the main international airport in Rome. Information about flights and connections can be found at e.g.

The easiest way to arrive in central Rome is with the express train "Leonardo Express" which runs from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini train station every 30' (trip: 40', price about 12 EUR). Alternatively, a taxi from the airport to Rome centre costs a fixed rate of 40 EUR per taxi, baggage included. Bring this map with you.

From Roma Termini, fast (Eurostar (ES)) or Intercity (IC) trains run approximately every hour to Napoli Centrale (trip: approx 2 hrs). Some trains also stop in Napoli Mergellina. Tickets can be purchased at the stations, or online from the Trenitalia website.

Rome Ciampino Airport

Ciampino airport handles some low cost European carriers such as Ryanair and Easyjet. Usually these are point-to-point routes (i.e., no baggage forwarding).

Information about flights and connections can be found at e.g.

From Ciampino airport it is possible to take a coach or bus direct to Termini station, a bus to Anagnina metro station, a bus to Ciampino rail station (with frequent connections to Termini), or a taxi to the centre of Rome (fixed rate 30 EUR per taxi, including baggage, bring this map with you). Details of transport options can be found at the Rome airport portal link.

Travelling by Train

In Naples there are three available railway stations, from which you can reach one of the harbours (molo) of Naples:

See the notes below about taking a taxi in Naples!

Intercity train routes and timetables can be inspected at the Trenitalia website

Travelling by Car

From Rome (highway A1), from Salerno (highway A30), From Bari (highway A16). Transport of cars to Ischia can be made by ferry from Beverello harbour or from Pozzuoli port. International travellers may rent a car at one of the airports in Rome.

TO POZZUOLI PORT: Follow the signs for "Tangenziale" (Naples by-pass) then continue in the direction toward Pozzuoli and take the exit Via Campana (exit. n. 12) Continue to follow signs leading to Pozzuoli's port (only ferries), which is about 4 km gar away.

TO BEVERELLO PORT: Do not turn into Tangenziale but continue ob the highway following the road markings for the ZONA PORTUALE (HARBOUR AREA) and after the exit, go on for the harbour, which is about 5 km far from the highway. The Molo Beverello is located close to Machio Angiolino Castle.

Survival in Naples!

Although Naples is a fascinating and vibrant city, it has unfortunately gained a reputation for its unscrupulous targeting of tourists! Pickpockets, in particular, are well trained and rife. Hence, we advise non-italian travellers to take a taxi rather than the bus. If you insist on taking the bus, keep your bags close to you, keep your hand on your wallet, and be especially careful when entering and leaving the bus.

Taxis in Naples are nowadays well regulated. In 2007 the Naples City Council established predetermined (flat) fares for journeys such as airport-station and airport-harbour. It is important to request the predetermined fare at the beginning of the journey and the taxi driver is "obliged" to use it! Check out the following guides for the typical taxi prices, from the friendly taxi group(english and italian) or from the Napoli City Council(in five languages). The same fares are operated by other taxi services such as the Consorzio Taxi Vagando (www.taxivagando.it), the Consorzio Taxi Napoli (www.consorziotaxinapoli.it), and the Radio Taxi La Partenope (www.radiotaxilapartenope.it). Make sure to only take an official taxi! If someone approaches you saying "Taxi?" it means they are not official taxi drivers. And don't share a taxi with someone you do not know!

The final step: travelling by sea

The Connections between Ischia and the mainland are regular and reasonably frequent. Different navigation companies ensure sea transportations from different ports. The closest ports on Ischia island to arrive at are Ischia port and Casamicciola port. Note that Forio is on the opposite side of the island (see the map).

Shuttle service:

Shuttle buses will be arranged from Ischia and Casamicciola harbours to the hotels on Sunday evening, and for the return on Saturday morning.